10.22.13Brian Smith seminar class set (free download)

Brian will be attending Jim Dreier's seminar class today for a listening session and some Q&A. This set of music contains tracks by Koplant No and Joel Vanderheyden.

10.18.13Koplant No returns home

After touring to places such as New York, Chicago and St. Louis, Koplant No returned back to Iowa City where it all started.

Photo slideshow with audio by University of Iowa student Abby Thomas.

02.07.13Monthly concert series will offer high quality at low prices

CEDAR RAPIDS — Anthony Brown, 28, got tired of hearing people his age whine about having nothing to do. His reply? Stuff to Do — a monthly concert series featuring affordable ticket prices and music jumps genres.

First up is Midwest jazz fusion group Koplant No, playing two shows Friday (2/8) at the intimate Opus Concert Cafe...

Read more at Hoopla: http://hooplanow.com/2013/02/07/stuff-do/

10.22.12DISTANTS is out now!

New full length album, Distants, is out now! Go get it! Check the store or go to http://koplantno.bandcamp.com/ for downloads.

10.15.12Tour Promo Video by bassist Drew Morton

10.08.12Distants will be available on October 22nd (CD + digital) via Bandcamp at koplantno.bandcamp.com

On October 22nd, Iowa City's most creative quartet, Koplant No, will release its third studio album, Distants. Comprised of talented musicians trained in the UI Jazz department, Koplant No continues to shatter musical boundaries by unleashing jazz chops in combination with electronica and progressive rock. The horn harmonies of saxophonist Joel Vanderheyden and trumpeter Brian Lewis Smith conjure images of Miles Davis' second great quintet, while bassist Drew Morton and drummer Rob Baner propel the band forward with throbbing sub-bass grooves, ambient textures, and drum machine loops. This band is nothing like the jazz combos you have seen playing around town; in fact, this music is unheard of in Iowa. The maturity of their compositions, the depth of their improvisations, and the strange twists present in Koplant No's music places the band on the top shelf. Smith, who does much of the writing for the group, explains, "With Koplant No, I'm really just interested in creating fun music that we as artists can connect with and would want to listen to. Music that intrigues us, challenges us, and helps us grow. Music that we are proud of."

The band has been developing its unique sound throughout the Midwest since 2008 and first recorded for saxophonist Joel Vanderheyden's debut album Complete Life on the Mize Music label in 2009. The album, referred to as "one of the best jazz-rock records to be released in years" (Chris Cooke, KIOS 91.5FM, Omaha), was also selected as CD of the Month for August 2009 on Jazz 88.3 KCCK (Cedar Rapids, IA). The quartet went on to release their self-titled album prior to a headlining performance at the 2010 Iowa City Jazz Festival, and released the more electronic/ambient "Transit" EP in March of 2012.

Kent Williams of Little Village Magazine says about Koplant No: "I'm impressed with how organically perfect the fractally dubbed-out abstract electronic textures fit with the trumpet and saxophone as lead instruments. It seems seductive, inevitable and necessary when Koplant No does it," Glenn Astarita from AllAboutJazz.com, writing about the "wide open world" of Koplant No's self-titled release, states, "Engineered with depth, space and mood-eliciting soundscapes, the quartet generates an oscillating jazz-fusion electronica schema, treated with melodic choruses, drifting motifs and beguiling storylines."

Distants will be available on October 22nd (CD + digital) via Bandcamp at http://koplantno.bandcamp.com/

1. Stockholm Exchange
2. A36
3. Hello Again
4. Distants
5. Blerg
6. Trio
7. Point 2
8. Decompress Yourself
9. Pimento Grove
10. Trio Reprise

Recorded and mixed by Jason Orris and Rob Oesterlin at The Terrarium Recording Studio, Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Huntley Miller

Released by: Mize Music
Release date: Oct 22, 2012

08.30.12"Distants" album cover art and a new track!

Have a listen to "Stockholm Exchange" from the upcoming full length album: http://soundcloud.com/koplantno/stockholm-exchange

08.09.12Jim Musser's High 5 shows for the week

Jim Musser recommends Koplant No in the Iowa City Press Citizen's "GoIowaCity" section for this week.

06.27.12New album coming.

We recorded 10 songs last weekend in Minneapolis at The Terrarium Recording Studio. Jason Orris and Rob Oesterlin were simply awesome to work with and we can't wait to share all of this new music. Exciting things coming...

06.27.12Must-see Twin Cities Jazz Festival shows from six local artists

Twin Cities area guitarist Evan Montgomery gives Koplant No a huge shoutout in this Twin Cities Jazz Festival preview from Minnesota Public Radio. Thanks Evan!

06.27.12Reconnecting audiences to jazz

Twin Cities Jazz Festival Preview from MPR.

04.17.12Show Preview: Koplant No and Slip Silo April 14 Blue Moose Tavern.

Yeah we already played the show, but it's a fun read even after the fact. "Transit" EP review by Little Village will be in an upcoming issue.

03.06.12New Koplant No "Transit" EP Out Today!

The 4-track album is currently available for streaming and download on Bandcamp at http://koplantno.bandcamp.com/album/transit-ep. It's a pay-what-you-want download. You can put in 0. :) Any monetary support is greatly appreciated and will be put towards more releases like this in the future. Thanks!

02.27.12New "Transit" EP out March 6

Koplant No will be releasing a new 4-track EP via Bandcamp on Tuesday, March 6. We've been working really hard on this one recently and are really proud of it. We'll be doing a name-your-own-price download through Bandcamp. We will also have CDs available soon, and downloads/streams available through the other major music outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify).

11.03.11Showing I.C. love through film

From the article: "Jason Smith, 27, of Iowa City, submitted a comedic documentary for the contest called “Jamie: Tale of the Sharpie Bandit." In about seven minutes, audiences get a glimpse into what Smith calls the “characters" of Iowa City, including a woman who likes to steal Sharpies from local businesses. The film’s soundtrack is a song by local band Koplant No."

11.03.11Character Designs

Koplant No member Drew Morton has another music video in the works! This time for Kein Betreff's remix of "Cave Troll" by Koplant No.

10.26.11Transit - Animation by Drew Morton

Bassist Drew Morton put together a nice video for a portion of a new song that he and Brian Smith have been working on for Koplant No. Here is what Drew had to say about it: "The audio from this is actually a background for another song (Transit of 1769), but after Brian's work with it, I couldn't stop listening to it. Here are some random visuals to go with it." Watch, listen, enjoy.

10.26.11Koplant No - "Cave Troll (Kein Betreff Remix)"

Yet another brilliant remix coming from Kein Betreff of Brooklyn, NY. Kein puts his spin on Brian Smith's tune "Cave Troll" from the self-titled Koplant No CD. Hit the link to listen.

10.06.11"Baby (With A Monocle)" Remix Music Video!

Koplant No member Drew Morton has put together a video for Kein Betreff's "Baby (With A Monocle)" Remix. Check it out!


The Analog Lab’s Kein Betreff has released his first remix of the Electro Jazz group, Koplant No.

Kein Betreff only uses real analog synths (but is reluctantly ok with effects plugins). Gear used in this track include:

Yamaha CS-80
SCI Prophet 600
Moog Minimoog
Roland Juno-106
Arp Axxe
Roland Tr-707
Jomox Mbase11

08.30.11Koplant No return to the Artists' Quarter

Andrea Canter of The Jazz Police previews our upcoming performance at The Artists' Quarter in St. Paul, MN this Saturday 9/3.

08.11.11“Koplant No”: Electronics in Service to Jazz (2010, Mize Music)

Andrea Canter of The Jazz Police reviews our CD.

07.22.11New Show in Burlington, IA

We're going to be performing in trumpeter Brian Smith's hometown of Burlington, IA on Saturday, September 10th at The Washington (306 Washington, St). Drew and Brian performed at this great venue recently with another group. Check out The Washington at www.thewashingtonmusic.com.

07.13.11ICFJ 2011 – Koplant No

David LaRosa from TheJazzLine.com wrote up a mini-review and interviewed us at the Iowa City Jazz Festival.

07.12.11Koplant No interviewed by TheJazzLine.com (YouTube Video)

Filmed at the 2011 Iowa City Jazz Festival

07.12.11New Shows!

We've just recently booked a return performance at Rozz-Tox in Rock Island, IL for Saturday, September 17th as well as another spot at Public Space One in Iowa City on Friday, September 16th. Check "upcoming shows" to stay up to date with future performances.

07.07.11Hawkeye Jazz (Expanded)

Andrea Canter's expanded writings on the spectacular 2011 Iowa City Jazz Festival.

07.06.11Hawkeye Jazz - Andrea Canter

Andrea Canter's thoughts on the Iowa City Jazz Festival with some great photos.